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Adopting an animal from RAWR

Sat, 01/05/2013 - 18:02 -- dev_rawr

Although RAWR is not a rescue organization we inevitably have a number of animals in our care as a result of our work.  We have no rescue centre, instead we have a team of volunteers who generously donate food, time and accommodation to the animals they foster.  RAWR does pay for all veterinary fees which is why we charge an adoption fee.  However, this amount is only a proportion of the cost you would have to pay for vaccinations, neutering and worming if you were purchasing an animal.  Please contact us by email at if you are looking for an animal to adopt.

Cats, but dogs too, can suffer from kennel stress when confined for long periods of time. At the end of the day, no matter how wonderful a rescue centre is, it's not as good as a “forever home”. RAWR uses foster homes, when possible. This way the cats and dogs in our care have the run of the house and a family around them. Still this is not as rewarding for them as a “forever family”. The sooner an animal is adopted-for-keeps, the better.

Adoption agreement & Adoption fee

An animal is not just for ‘now’, it is a long-term relationship and commitment. The adoption agreement you sign and the adoption fee you pay reflects this. Some people object to paying an adoption fee, but consider this:

- If you couldn't afford to pay an adoption fee now, how would you pay for daily food and regular veterinary care that an animal needs?

- If finances are not the problem, and you feel providing a home for this animal is enough, consider that the adoption fee pays for fostering another animal, giving him or her a chance of finding a home too.

- The cost of neutering (if age appropriate), vaccinations, microchipping and treatment for worms and fleas are all born by RAWR.

- Many people will happily pay for a pedigree/designer pet that often has many health issued due to over-breeding. Many of these pets are not supplied with paperwork to prove vaccination or have microchips. RAWR will provide vaccination certificates, which have been signed by our vets as proof. If we can we also provide a medical and/or behavioural history we have complied while the animal is in our care.

For pet cats the adoption fee is €50.

For dogs the adoption fee is €100.

For Barn cats we ask for a donation towards the cost of neutering (€35).

RAWR doesn’t vaccinate barn cats as a rule - this it due to the number we deal with. In addition, follow up vaccinations are mostly impossible. Our policy is to invest primarily in neutering the colony as research shows that neutering alone can double a cat’s lifespan and keep it in much better health.