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Early neutering is a good idea (and the vets who do)

Fri, 11/29/2013 - 07:48 -- didi

Healthy cats, pets and ferals, can be neutered by the time they reach 1 kilo in body weight. For feral cats particularly RAWR promotes this early neutering to avoid the need to re-trap them.
RAWR believes strongly that the best way to reduce the current (feral) cat overpopulation problem is to neuter early enough to prevent unwanted litters. In other words, to neuter before the cat reaches puberty.
RAWR has a register of veterinary practices in county Cork where early neutering is carried out. Some practices agreed to have their contact details published on this website (see below) MANY more veterinary practices and surgeons will do early neutering, but you will have to ring around to find out which ones. If you have any questions, please email us at 
Castlelands Hourihanes Veterinary Clinic
Skibbereen Co. Cork
(028) 22211
Cashman & O'Driscoll
Riverstown Cross
Glanmire, Cork Co. Cork
(021) 4821243
The Cat Hospital
Barnavara Hill
Glanmire, Cork
(021) 4824601 /
Cloyne Veterinary Clinic
Church Street
Cloyne Co. Cork
(021) 4651464
Animal Health Centre
142 North Main Street
Youghal Co Cork
(024) 92195
O’Riordan, O’Connor & Finns Veterinary
Main Street
Rathcormac Co. Cork.
(025) 87607