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Friends of RAWR is a subscription based scheme costing €15 per annum the funds from which go to support one of our animals in long-term foster care where the animal cannot be re-homed.  The subscriptions go towards the upkeep of the animal and veterinary costs.

Friends of RAWR will receive regular e-newsletters and a certificate commemorating their donation.

To become a Friend or make a gift of Friendship using PayPal

Click on the donate button on this page

Enter €15 for the donation (If you are outside the Eurozone PayPal will convert this into your home currency) and click the orange button "Update Totals"

Log on to PayPal or create a PayPal account

Click on "Special Instructions" and enter "Friends of RAWR 2015"  also include your name and if it is a gift the name and email address of the recipient

Last but not least click on the orange button "Donate €15 now"

You can also take out a subscription at our Charity Shop in New Street, Bantry, County Cork where our volunteers will be pleased to help you

This year Friends of RAWR funds will go to support Pearl

PearlPearl was abandoned at some point in her life and she became feral.  We have no idea what happened to her before, but something or someone destroyed her trust in humans, and she was living on her wits underneath a portacabin behind the church in Bantry town.  She came to the attention of RAWR in 2013 when it was reported that she was living there and had had a litter of puppies.  A pair of our volunteers went out one evening after they had finished their day jobs, and spent a couple of hours in the dark tracking down and rescuing the puppies who were checked by the vet.  Subsequently,  they were found homes by an animal rescue group with whom we work closely.

Unfortunately, Pearl was terrified of humans and fled  whenever people approached her or even noticed her presence.  Despite the fact that our people went back regularly over the following weeks, they were unable to coax Pearl out of her hiding place.  She was simply too afraid to trust anyone.

It took a joint effort by RAWR volunteers, the Fire Service, the Dog Warden, the Church officials and other volunteers on a cold and rainy night to dig a passage underneath the portacabin big enough for a volunteer to wriggle in and catch Pearl.

Pearl is now living in foster care and is undergoing long-term rehabilitation.  Pearl was a very frightened dog who had learnt to mistrust humans.  She spent almost the first 6 months in foster care hiding under a bed.  She has gradually learned to trust her fosterer and the other dogs she lives with, but it is most unlikely that she will ever be confident enough to be re-homed.  She is still very nervous; she has good days and bad, but the good days are becoming more frequent.  She still needs her bolt hole to hide when the world gets too much for her but she has learned to lead walk, play with the other dogs she shares her home with and enjoy the simple things in life like treats and a soft bed.

Pearl will never be abandoned again