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... meet Toffee!

Tue, 04/01/2014 - 11:12 -- didi

The time has come for our little Toffee to find his forever home. He is now fully recovered from his operation and has been neutered. Toffee is about 8 months old and a real sweetheart. He's a bouncy youngster with plenty of energy to burn.


Toffee loves to play and gets on well with other dogs. With a proper introduction he should be ok with cats too. Toffee loves attention and cuddles. He would suit most types of homes.


Please email us at if you can offer Toffee love, care and attention!


Toffee has an important story for all us pet owners. It is a very simple story: be prepared for the unexpected. Toffee was hit by a car at only 6 months old. As a result he had two broken legs and a dislocated hip. This is not a story of blame, it was an accident, but Toffee's injuries required surgery at a cost of over €450. After surgery, Toffee needed 6 weeks of restriction to give the bones time to heal. His owners, as much as they loved him, couldn't afford the surgery or the time necessary for him to recuperate.


One of our amazing RAWR volunteers heard about Toffee and he was surrendered to our care. He has had his surgery where he had one leg cast and the other pinned and plated to keep the bones together. Toffee doing great and is now well enough looking for a home that is able to love him forever.


So how come a RAWR volunteer had the money to help at a moment’s notice?


No, Toffee's helper doesn't have money to burn. However, they were prepared and had an emergency fund. An animal, as would hold true for a human, is unpredictable. These responsible pet owners had a few euros put away and those savings saved Toffee. If you can, take out pet insurance or establish an emergency fund. Don’t be put in the same position!