Feral Cat

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/01/2019 - 16:13

Feral is the term used to describe cats that are not socialized to people. They tend to actively avoid people. Feral cats are not friendly, they do not want affection and they will fight back if cornered or frightened.The term feral is often used to refer to any animal that does not appear to be friendly when approached by people. It can also refer to any animal that has not had human contact.

Feral cats in Ireland are not wild cats. They are descended from domestic cats, these feral cats maybe the offspring of an unwanted cat or a cat that was not neutered and they were not handled or used to people so they never learned how to respond to people like our pet cats do. They learned to fear people and to live on their wits to survive. True feral cats are not that common in Ireland as most cats do have some human interaction, these cats are referred to as humanised.  Feral cats need help as much as any other cat.

They need neutering to prevent them from breeding out of control. Neutering will also extend their lifespan and reduce the chances of many illness. Feral cats also need food and shelter